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i can't get past bongus, i am too slow to switch colors and paint before the sword changes colors while also dodging. is there a trick i'm missing?

If you're having too much difficulty switching colors, you can change the boss to one color and then just wait for your sword to switch to that color before attacking. Hope that helps, and thank you for playing!

thanks. i kind of tried that tactic, but i guess i just suck. anyways, i gave up

understandable, if it makes you feel better that's basically the end of the game, so you saw the majority of what it had to offer. Did you have any thoughts on the experience?

oh, thats cool, i was afraid i was missing a bunch more stuff. i did really like the dialogue that i saw (hilarious!) and the art style was great. just got frustrated with how quickly that sword changed colors. 

Wow! Your games really inspire me! I love the artstyle!

thanks so much!

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I enjoy the sarcastic nature. i will enjoy watching this game grow, and would love to see more in the future. also just so you know, you seem to have two game pages for this same project, one of them being an empty comment board.

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, the less-visited page is linked to a game jam, so I'm not sure I want to delete it yet but I see how it might be confusing. 

okay good to know

Thanks for this cool game!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

This game is so cool, the art style is so original  and the concept of changing the colors  for puzzles is so original!

Thank you!

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Seems like a really cool start! I especially loved the character designs and writing. I'll be looking forward to more (if more's in the cards)!

thanks for playing! Hopefully I'll be able to do more with it in the future